your balanced daily routine

The platform

A platform that balances your lifestyle: balance your work day effectively
, provide suggestions on what to do during breaks and free time, display a work-life balance score.

With Balancever you can

Generate a structure for your day, select diverse activities for your break and free time, attend with colleagues and friends

Why Balancever

It creates a solution for people that works in remote mode, increasing more connections where there is social distance, the product helps against the stress at home, help the economic system.

Balancever, a one-stop shop

Find your online Yoga class, connect with friends for a coffee or browse through fun events. Balancever is a one-stop shop that helps you to shape your new remote lifestyle.

Stay healthy, stay energized, stay connected, stay balanced.

Why is important working from home

Employers say a flexible work arrangement
Boost productivity and Job satisfaction
Increases morale
Able to take better care of themselves
Stay healthy

Easy to use

Balancever connects in real time users to meetings and fun events.

  • Structure your work-day
  • Insert your activities and meetings: you can choose your activities for your break, invite your friends or colleagues
  • Start your day!
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The value of Balancever after the crisis

It’s a product that you can always use, because it helps you to be in balance, working at home, working in the office. It’s helpful for companies that will have employee more relaxed, more productive and in balance, it’s for everyone.